You’re still the one

A short and unique love story.


A high rise residential building. 15th floor. Elevator rings. A man in his mid-thirties, dressed in a tuxedo, comes out of the elevator. He takes out a key and opens the door to the apartment. Enter the apartment. It only has a dim light. The man goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge when a woman comes from his behind.

Lucy – Hey, you’re home.

David – Hey, Sorry to wake you up. Yes, just came.

Lucy comes close to David and kisses him. They both hug each other.

Lucy – How was your day? Had Dinner?

David – Fine, yes had sandwich.

They both cuddles go to the living room and sit on the sofa.

David – How was yours?

Lucy – Was busy full day, waiting for you.

He smiles and kisses Lucy.

Lucy – So, where’s the party?

David – Hmmm?

Lucy – Party!! (She takes the newspaper from the table, opens a mid-page and reads). A new and young business taking over Sky Industries”.

David – (Laughs) You know I don’t party.

Lucy – Common baby, you’re staff doesn’t deserve a boring boss.

David – They’re enjoying. Don’t worry. I’m happy here, with you. You’re my party.

She smiles and hugs David tightly. The camera focuses on her face. She has a tensed/worried expression. The camera zooms out, turn around the living room, and stop at a photo frame, standing on a side table of room. The picture is a collage of Lucy and David’s candid love moments.


David is sleeping. He fears in his dreams and opens his eyes in a jerk. Lucy is on his side and touches his shoulder. He looks at her, and she smiles.

Lucy – Good Morning. Bad dream?

David – Good Morning. The same.

David kisses Lucy. They both get up from the bed. She ties her hair up, and David checks his phone.

David – Fuck! 15 missed calls.

He hurries into the bathroom and calls someone.

David – (On Call). Hey, missed the alarm. I’ll be there in 40 minutes.

After few minutes, he comes out of the bathroom, with one towel wrapped around his lower half; and another towel, around his neck, rubbing his hair. He opens his closet, takes out a suit and gets ready. As he was about to leave the room, he realizes that he forgets his Tie. He turns around and there is Lucy standing with a tie in her hand and smiling at him.

Lucy – (Laughs). As usual. (Starts knotting tie)

David – (Romantically hugs Lucy from waist). What would I do without you?

Lucy – (Seriously). You have to baby. It’s the only option.

David – Lucy, stop pushing me. I can’t and I don’t want to (Kisses her on forehead). Need to go, Bye. Love you.

David leaves the room and comes out of the apartment. He presses the elevator button and waits for it. As he enters the elevator, he heard a female voice asking to hold the elevator. He stops the lift. A girl enters.

Emily – Sorry, and Thank you.

David nodes with a smile.

As the elevator moves down, there is a weird silence which Emily breaks.

Emily – Hi, Emily. I am new here. (She gives her hand for a shake)

David – (Shaking her hand). David Nolan. Nice to meet you. Welcome.

Emily – Thanks. So you are David Nolan.

David looks strangely at her.

Emily – Don’t worry, Not a stalker. “New and Young businessman”. I read about you in the newspaper.

David – Oh, yeah.

The elevator reaches the ground. They both come out.

Emily – Hey, would you like to go for a coffee?

David – Sorry, I’m in a rush. Some other time.

David leaves in a hurry before Emily could reply.

Emily – (To herself). Rude.

A few days later.


David is meeting some clients here along with her secretary.

David – So, Mr. Mills. How do you feel about the proposal? I assure you won’t get the same quality at this price anywhere else.

Mr. Mills – I agree with Mr. Nolan. Seems a good fortune for both of our companies. Let me talk to my shareholders, and then we’ll proceed.

David – Sure, Ms. Rosy would be in touch with you. Thank you for your time.

All three stands up, David and Mills shake their hands. Mills leaves. As David was to leave, he sees Emily sitting in the same cafe, reading a book.

Rosy – Sir, shall we?

David – (Looking at Emily). You go. I have some errands to run.

Rosy leaves and David goes to Emily’s table.

David – May I?

Emily is surprised by the sudden voice. She looks up from her book.

Emily – Sure, Please.

David – (Sits on the chair, the front of her). I wanted to apologize for that day. I was in a rush and had some argument with my wife.

Emily – (Surprisingly). Wife?

David – Yeah.

Emily – It’s fine. (Teasingly) So you came to this cafe just to apologize or you stalking me?

They both laughs.

David – Nothing like that, I had a meeting here and then saw you so came to apologize for my behavior.

Emily – How about that coffee, now?

David – (Hesitatingly) OK.

Emily – Great.

Emily calls a waiter and orders for a coffee.

Emily – So, tell me something about you?

David – You know where I live, what I do. What else?

Emily – Family?

David – (Thinking for a while). Not much to share. You tell.

Emily – Well, I am interning at the Blue Hotel and lives alone. (Light Flirting) You know where.

David – (Smiles). You’re funny.

The inaudible conversation continues with a music in the background. They both seem to enjoy the company. After some time.

Emily – (Looking at her watch). Oh, it’s really late. I should really be going now.

David – Do you want a ride?

Emily – Sure.

They both stand up and leaves the cafe and goes towards the parking lot. They reach the apartment.

Emily – I must say I had a great time today.

David – Me too.

In the car, they both look at each other, leans and kiss. After a moment, David stops suddenly and pull back.

Emily – Sorry. I don’t know how?

David – (Embarrassed). No, not your fault. (Not making eye-contact) It’s late, you must go now.

Emily – Bye. Thanks for today.

She leaves the car and goes inside the building. David is still in the car, ashamed. He is angry at himself, hits the steering. He takes out the wallet from his pocket and looks at the picture of Lucy. He enters the apartment.


David enters the apartment, he has guilt on his face. He sits on the sofa, in the living room when Lucy comes. She sits beside him and hugs him. David hugs her back.

David – Sorry baby. I didn’t want to cheat on you.

Lucy – I know baby, you would never cheat on me. But this is the right thing to do, you deserve to be happy.

David – I’m happy, with you. You’re my happiness.

Lucy – I’m not real. I’m just what your heart wants to see.

David – I’m not ready.

Lucy pulls herself out from David, holds his face and look into his eyes.

Lucy – Yes you’re. Close your eyes.

David closes his eyes.

Lucy – I love you.

She gives him a long kiss. The camera zooms on his face, he slowly opens his eyes, and no one is there.


David is sitting on a bench. He is upset and has a rose in his hand. He keeps the rose on the bench.

David – I love you.

He stands up from the bench. Behind him, written on the bench, “In Memory of Lucy Nolan, Lovable Wife, and Daughter, 1982 – 2017”.

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