Alvina & The Princess

A teenager girl, Alvina, misses her regular bus and after taking another, lands up in a mystic land, Star Mist. There she learns that she is the doppelganger of the land’s Princess and only she can save her.

Synopsis –

Alvina has a fight with her parents and she leaves the house to go to a cafe. She receives a call from Henry to meet him at a park. She leaves the cafe and boards a bus. As she was thinking about her fight with parents, she feels a jerk in the bus and checks outside and realizes that it is an unknown place. She steps out and there is no one around.
She enters an abandoned house and saw a picture of herself with a couple and a boy, whom she doesn’t recognize. She gets scared and leaves the house, but on coming out she finds herself in a forest. There she meets the boy, who was in the picture. He is James, and the girl in the picture is Amy, Alvina’s look alike. She is an enchanted town, Star Mist and she is here to complete a pending task. He asks her to meet Prince.
Vision, who is a look-alike of Henry, is Amy’s husband. He asks for Alvina’s help.

Is Alvina dreaming? If this is true, would she be able to save Amy and return to her own land? If you wish to read more, follow the link for below for its pdf version.

Alvina and The Princess

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